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Live open mic broadcasting

Open Mic Comedy and Hip-hop night.

Sleek & Beautiful

Stand-up Comedy

Breaking into Comedy and growing your fan base can be tough for a New Comedian. In this business your biggest allies are a good punch-line and LOTS OF EXPOSURE! Hollywood Mic, is specifically developed to help emerging stage talent get the attention they need to break-in to the mainstream.

Sleek & Beautiful

Hip-Hop & Music

The business of Hip-hop and Rhyme is competitive! To make it big, you need to be exceptional with your lyrics. In this game, the grammatically creative and quick thinking skills of the Free-stylist are essential. However, a limited audience can slow your journey to the top. Hollywood Mic, puts the virtual-global and physical-local audience right in front of you.

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Connecting your Virtual and Physical Audience

Hollywood Mic is a reality talent show that is live broadcast over the WatchHollywood.tv streaming networks. This reality show is produced to introduce fresh new talent to an unlimited physical and virtual audience.

Open Mic night in Hollywood!

Voted most popular performances.

Sleek & Beautiful

Wayne Witty

Charm to disarm his audience. His secret weapon. A sharp intellect and a his way with words really keeps his audience attention and laughing.

Sleek & Beautiful

Honestly earned name

Carla "Crass" one of most pessimistic personalities on stage. If it can go wrong, it already has with her, very funny!

Sleek & Beautiful


Goofy with a touch of wit, and a sprinkle of, Huh? Ted is cuddly and confusing, bust-a-gut humor!

Sleek & Beautiful

Aye, Nickie..Come-ere

Jeezz, Nick you got to relax a little. Nick delivers undisputed NERVOUS humor. This guy can break a sweat on command!